Distinguished Faculty Award Winner: Maureen “Tee” Nearman

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TeephotoMaureen “Tee” Nearman is the recipient of the 2014 President’s Award for Teaching Excellence for the School of Management. She has taught at City University of Seattle since 1999 and has taught courses such as Professional Communication; Principles of Marketing; Effective Organizational Communications; Global Marketing; Strategic Brand Creation; and Management.

One of Tee’s outstanding qualities is her flexibility. She teaches online, and onsite, on several locations in the U.S. and in Mexico. Tee’s students see her as a faculty member who adapts to their needs, one saying, “. . . (Tee Nearman) is one of the best online instructors that I have had the pleasure of working with to date. She was supportive of me through this quarter, which was my first at CityU, as I dealt with a family crisis. I could not have asked for a better instructor.”
Aside from her flexibility and dedication to teaching, Tee employs a variety of teaching methods, and is always searching for the best way to reach her students. She challenges them to think outside of the box and asks them to objectively justify their point of views. This has led to Tee achieving the highest End of Course Evaluation score in the School of Management. Tee’s colleagues praise her reliability and aptitude to earn and maintain the love and respect of her students.

On Saturday, June 21, before CityU’s 39th Commencement, Tee will be presented with this prestigious teaching award. When asked about receiving this honor and her approach to teaching, Tee said, “Learning is not measured by time, but rather measured by how much you can achieve in your lifetime. As a lifelong learner, I treasure sharing with and imparting to this learning process with every student I encounter at CityU. I love teaching, all my wonderful students, and I am very honored to be the recipient of this award.”

Congratulations Tee, it is CityU’s honor to have you as a distinguished faculty members.

Published June 19, 2014



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