Distinguished Faculty Award Winner: Christina Forsythe

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phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgThe 2014 President’s Award for Teaching Excellence for the Division of Arts and Sciences goes to Christina Forsythe. Christina has taught courses in the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology and the Bachelor of Science in Human Services for City University of Seattle since 2006. When asked about winning the award, Christina said: “It is wonderful to be a part of a student’s academic career and I hope that each student comes out of the courses I teach with a deeper understanding of what they are capable of, as well as a better understanding of the subject at hand. I feel it’s important to challenge students to do their best and gain new skills in writing and critical thinking. This has brought both complaints and thoughtful emails to thank me for holding high, but reasonable standards that stretched students beyond what they thought they were capable. I am proud to teach at CityU of Seattle where I have strong support to help students grow.

Christina sets high standards for her students, which allows them to become prepared for their future at CityU and beyond. One of Christina’s students said, “Christina incorporated countless ‘words of wisdom’ and valuable information into her courses. I really appreciated her insight and it has helped me not only understand the course she taught, but also provided a further understanding of my career, myself and my relationships in general.

Christina’s personal investment in her students is apparent, for this reason and many more; she won the Award for Teaching Excellence. She will be given this award on Saturday, June 21, before CityU’s 39th Commencement ceremony. Congratulations Christina, it is our honor to have you as a distinguished faculty members.


Published June 19, 2014



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