Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association

Who we are:

Vietnamese Student AssociationThe Vietnamese Student Association at City University of Seattle is a warm and close community of prospective students, current students and alumni of City University of Seattle. Although it is a Vietnamese community, we welcome students and friends from all over the world.

Our mission

To build a family for students to support each other while also strengthen our friendship with students from various cultures.

“VSA – Where Friends Become Family”

Vietnamese Student Association Members

What we do:

  • Support prospective students, current students and alumni in daily tasks, cultural differences and academic matters.
  • Organize fun, interactive indoor/outdoor activities to help relieving stress from studying and working.
  • Share experiences and opportunities about studying, working, and living in the States/abroad.

Our Leadership Team 2017-2018:

Vietnamese Student Association leaders

From left to right: (1) Nhat Le-Treasurer/Fundraising Chair; (2) Nhu Mai-Secretary; (3) Mi Le-Graphic Designer; (4) Linh Hoang- President; (5) Chi Nguyen-Vice President; (6) Giang Nguyen-Membership Chair; (7) Minh Truong- Marketing/Public Relations Chair.

How to join and contact information:

In order to join our group, students can send the following information to

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Home country/city
  • Primary email address (recommend CityU email)
  • Phone number used in the U.S. (optional)

Want to stay updated with our most recent activities and announcements? Reach out to us on Facebook.

Chi Nguyen

“CityU not only gives me knowledge and experience, but also inspires me to believe in myself.”

-Chi Nguyen, Student

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