Destination: Italy

Destination: Italy

Follow Kate Peterson, a graduate student in CityU‘s Albright School of Education, as she travels to Padua, Italy for her student teaching internship. Stay tuned for her blog and video updates on her journey which begins on March 22.

Her trip is possible through Educators Abroad — an organization that helps link professionals and students to teaching opportunities worldwide.

We’ll let Kate tell you a little about herself:

Kate Peterson

Hi! My name is Kate Peterson, I’m 27 and a student in the two-year MIT (Masters in Teaching) program. This Spring, I will be student teaching at the International School of Padua, just 40 kilometers west of Venice! I studied Italian for several years and look forward to an opportunity to finally visit.

A fellow American (from the University of Wisconsin) and I will rent an apartment together near the school in the city of Padova. I think it will be quite an adventure and I am excited to share the experience with videos and a weekly blog! Send me your comments!

Just a little about me. I grew up in Yakima, Washington and had the opportunity to spend a year in Veracruz, Mexico where I attended a local high school. I returned the States to go to the University of Washington and have lived in Seattle ever since. When I am not swamped with homework, I enjoy running around Greenlake, painting and spending time with my family.

Here are links to Kate’s updates:

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Published February 18, 2010



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