Dean Profile: Dr. Craig Schieber, School of Education and Division of Arts and Sciences

Dean Profile: Dr. Craig Schieber, School of Education and Division of Arts and Sciences

As a longtime educator, Dr. Craig Schieber’s expertise focus on empowering students through strengths-based and project-based approaches, as well as inquiry learning strategies. In his role as dean of CityU’s School of Education and Division of Arts and Sciences he advocates for making the educational system relevant and transformative for all individuals. (email:

Q: What is your terminal degree in and where did you get it from? 
A: Doctor of Education from Seattle Pacific University. I majored in Instructional Leadership with an emphasis in Information Technologies.

Q: What is the vision of the School of Education and the Division of Arts and Sciences?
A: The Division of Arts and Sciences (DAS) engages learners in professional and personal growth through multidisciplinary, relevant, and rigorous exploration of social and human service disciplines. Building skills and connections to practical experiences, students are prepared to think critically, act ethically, and serve locally and globally. Practitioner faculty support, enrich, and foster student intellectual, reflective, and professional goals.

The Albright School of Education (ASOE) bases its work on a strengths-based approach engaging students’ strengths, capabilities, and resources. Our graduates develop their skills to become professional, caring, and competent practitioners. This development comes through the active engagement of the head, hands, and hearts.

Q: What is your role within the university as the dean of both of these schools?
A: In both schools my role is to hold the vision for the school and support faculty in our collaborative work to realize this vision.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Direct theater productions, run, read, garden.

Q: Do you teach any classes?
A: Right now I’m just doing field supervision, however in the past I’ve taught technology, curriculum, and assessment classes.

Q: Why did you decide to go into education?
A: I am fascinated by the growth process and the exchange of ideas. Joy comes in seeing and helping people realize their potential and beyond.

Q: Why do you enjoy serving students at CityU?
A: Because most of our students are non-traditional university students I am always honored to help them realize their dreams. These are courageous and strong people, most of whom are in the adult flow of life with responsibilities such as having a family, paying a mortgage, working a job, etc.

Q: What is one thing that you tell students about ASOE or DAS?
A: They will get a relevant, practical education from dedicated practitioners.

Q: Any fond City University of Seattle memories that you can share?
A: My fondest memories come from times I have supervised and observed our students interning and student teaching in classrooms. Watching them learn our teacher’s art of reaching out and helping and nurturing kids’ natural curiosity is the best kind of memory.

Q: What might you tell a student who was thinking of enrolling in either of your schools?
A: They will get a relevant, practical education from dedicated practitioners. They should be prepared and open to grow. They will come out of our program a different person. In the program we will work with them as they prepare to join a proud profession, which once they join, they wear 24 hours a day. It is a calling and a full life commitment.

Q: What is something you’ve learned from end-of-course evaluations that you applied later on?
A: This is one that has been confirmed by course evaluations. The most common cause of student dissatisfaction in classes is lack of feedback from instructors on student work. That is our major focus to find ways to get student expectations and instructor performance closer together on this all-important instructional experience.

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Published April 14, 2015



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