BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – VSM and City University of Seattle hosted the finals of the national round of the Slovakia international student contest, the Global Management Challenge. VSM and CityU were represented by the “BCB Team”; which was composed of three students: Miroslav Čierny, Ctibor Belák and Maroš Bežák.

We are very happy to announce that the VSM / CityU team ranked third among 22 teams from different business and economic universities in Slovakia. The national round of the GMC was patronaged by the Ministry of Education and the Bratislava-Petrzalka City District. VSM / CityU served as a co-organizer of the national round. With the main organizer, VSFS Prague, VSM/CityU donated the main prize of event, which was a full MBA scholarship to the winning student team.

The winning team from the Comenius University, will represent Slovakia at the international finals in Kyjev, Ukraine April 16 to April 20.

The Global Management Challenge is the largest strategy and management Competition in the world. It’s the largest international event based on business simulations, in which more than 480.000 university students and company managers participate throughout the world. The Global Management Challenge consists of a Management Simulation in which each team runs a Company, with the objective of getting the highest company share price on the simulated Stock exchange. It truly is offering students a relevant education, which is what we are all about!

Congratulations VSM/CityU students!

Published March 30, 2011



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