Computer Science Enrollment Stalled in a High-Tech Town

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If you haven’t heard, computer science is on the rise, and this is especially true for Seattle. From burgeoning industries to promising start-ups and everything in between, having a background in computer science and IT has never been more valuable than it is today. Job growth is continually increasing, locally and beyond, and is projected to continue to expand as the demand for skilled professionals only seems to be rising.

It makes sense – think about your daily activities and how many of them involve computer systems or even take place entirely online. As whole industries are shifting to the cloud, the need for professionals with computer-based knowledge continues to grow. This leaves many students hoping to lend their expertise to existing industries, while others dream of striking out on their own to create the next Adobe or Google.

Computer Science Enrollment – Not Enough Seats

So why is it, then, that there is a shortage of seats for students who wish to pursue computer science degrees at Washington state public universities?

Schools say space is the problem. There simply aren’t enough seats in these programs at public universities, and given the growth these programs have experienced in such a short period of time, it’s no wonder. When demand for a specific program quadruples in less than a decade and public university opportunities are only doubling, it’s easy to imagine why instructors and infrastructures are having a difficult time keeping up.

Computer Science at CityU

At CityU, our Master of Science in Computer Science program is also growing in order to keep pace with increased demand. The best part? The program is flexible and structured to meet the needs of active adults with existing responsibilities and careers because we know not everyone can take time away to pursue a degree full time. But don’t think this means you’re getting any less of an education – in fact, CityU’s computer science program provides students with the same rigorous coverage as public universities.

If you are a new student with a background in computer science and business, consider pursuing a degree in technology management. You’ll position yourself to launch up your career as a tech-savvy executive or even chief technology officer!

Love IT and want to devote your entire career to that path? You’re not alone. Our degrees in IT and applied computing will position you to excel as a systems manager, information security analyst, or any number of other exciting – and growing – roles.

Whatever aspect of this expanding field you find most interesting, chances are, we have a program for you. And with low entry barriers and flexible scheduling through in-person, online and blended courses, you’re sure to find a track that fits your life now. Get started today.

Published June 23, 2016



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