CityU’s Third Publication has Been Published – Call for Proposals

CityU’s Third Publication has Been Published – Call for Proposals

by Dr. Steven Olswang, Provost

I am pleased to announce the publication of the third volume in the Proven Practices in Higher Education Series, Strategies for Teaching Leadership. Deans Kirstein, Schieber and Flores have done a magnificent job of editing the manuscripts from the conference we held in April, 2014, and compiled them into a volume which should become a standard text and reading for all those interested in learning how best to teach about leadership.  Thanks to everyone who contributed chapters.

The volume is available through

And no sooner have we published the third in the series, we are announcing our plans for the next faculty conference and fourth in the series we will publish. We learned from the last three conferences that so many faculty have special skills in instruction that we need to take advantage of those practical skills to an even greater degree than we do already.

Call for Proposals

Our theme for the next conference will be “Advances in Exemplary Instruction” and we will focus the presentations and chapters on the application of new and revolutionary techniques in classroom and online instruction.  To have the greatest impact on the utilization of new instructional techniques across the several disciplines we teach, the design of the faculty workshop and resulting volume will be shaped by the four elements of  all courses: course design, student interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support.

To this end, we ask that proposals address a technique that advances one of these course elements. Every idea should address the Why, How, and Best Use of the exemplary technique.

Examples of topics that could be addressed include, but are not limited to:

We expect to hold the next Faculty Workshop where accepted proposals will form the basis for the application presentations on March 28, 2015. We would like to get an early start on the generation of proposals.

All Associate and Administrative faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for a practical aspect of how to make a course exemplary.

These proposals are due December 12, 2014 and should, in no more than 2 pages, (a) identify the course element, (b) explain why it is important, (c) how it is incorporated into a course, (d) where and how is it best used, and (e) why it makes the course better.

Proposals should be submitted to the Program Chair, Dean Kelly Flores, at

Published November 17, 2014



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