CityU’s Student Mobility Program and the possibilities to explore

CityU’s Student Mobility Program and the possibilities to explore

Prague, Czech Republic! Hanoi, Vietnam! Seattle, Washington! These are just some of City University of Seattle’s locations around the world.  How are these locations relevant to your academic studies at CityU?  As a global university, CityU provides its students the opportunity to combine international travel with academic studies.   All of this is possible through CityU’s Student Mobility Program (SMP).

The SMP has three active components: Integrated Study Abroad Programs and a quarter long Student Mobility Program.  These programs are briefly described below.

There are two Integrated Study Abroad Programs:  Summer in Prague and Summer in Seattle.  The former is open to students in the School of Management.  Students who have PM 401 – Introduction to Project Management in their program plan may be eligible to participate.  Program students opt to enroll in a five-week compressed mix-mode Seattle Public Marketcourse: two weeks online and three face-to-face in Prague, Czech Republic.  While in Prague, students complete PM 401 and enjoy the best things in central Europe, including a three-day trip to Vienna, Austria.

The Summer in Seattle Program provides students from outside the United States the opportunity to travel to Seattle for a similar mix-mode format.  However, in Seattle, the program is offered to business students as well as Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology students.

The Student Mobility Program provides students longer international stays at other CityU locations.  Students who desire a one-quarter stay may study at an approved CityU international location.  Some of the requirements to participate in the Student Mobility Program included whether the student’s program is offered at the desired location and whether a student can successfully obtain an entry Student Visa at the host country.  Students are highly encouraged to speak to their Student Advisors or CityU in-country representatives for further information.

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Published June 18, 2019



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