CityU Partners with ELS Education Services

CityU-ELSCity University of Seattle has partnered with the world’s leading English language school, ELS Education Services ( (ELS) , to collaborate in the area of international student recruitment in the US and worldwide.  CityU and ELS will cooperate to provide quality education to international students and to facilitate their matriculation to City University of Seattle upon successful completion of the ELS language program.

ELS is one of the biggest English language schools in the world, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.  Founded 50 years ago, the school has served about 1,000,000 students from 140 countries since that time.

According to the agreement, ELS and the university will work together on placing academically qualified students studying at 60 ELS language centers in 14 countries, including the ELS center in Seattle, in undergraduate and graduate programs at CityU.  Students studying at ELS centers will also have the opportunity to secure conditional admittance to the academic programs at CityU while they are attending English language programs at ELS.

Published May 7, 2013



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