CityU student builds community at Cornish Commons

Darrian Spears

Darrian Spears lives in a diverse community. Walking from the lobby of his building to his room he encounters neighbors from different states, different countries and different continents. He lives among future business leaders, software engineers and artists. Yet Darrian and his eclectic mix of neighbors all have one thing in common: they’re students.

“I feel like diversity in life is important,” said Darrian Spears, a City University of Seattle student and resident assistant at Cornish Commons. “Here there are art students, international students, you meet people from all walks of life. You get to hear their stories and about where they come from, and you also get to learn more about yourself in the process.”

Darrian chose to live at Cornish Commons last year and later accepted a position as a resident assistant.

“I was looking for housing and Cornish Commons was the best situation for me,” Darrian said. “The convenience of walking to school and being in a community [made a difference]. You always do better in school when you’re living in school. It’s kind of like life, you are who you hang around. If everyone else is motivated to do well and study, it’s hard to not get involved and do well yourself.”

When asked what he likes most about being a resident assistant, Darrian pointed back to that same community.

“I enjoy getting to meet so many cool people and have insight into their lives,” Darrian said. “The opportunity to positively impact people is a huge reason I came back. I had a student come up to me and tell me, ‘before I moved into the building you said hi to me, and that made me feel so welcome and is a part of the reason I decided to come back.’ That meant a lot to me.”

Stepping toward the future

Darrian SpearsAs with most students, school is a big part of Darrian’s life right now, so the convenience of being able to walk down the street to CityU is a major plus for him.

“I take in-person courses because it’s the most effective way for me to learn,” Darrian said. “I like to study at CityU; the library and rooms around it are nice. The 20th floor of Cornish Commons is pretty great too; it’s my favorite spot.”

Darrian is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Management and is on track to finish in June 2017.

“I’m getting a business degree because I want to be a future business owner,” Darrian said. “The management program teaches you great management and leadership skills. School skills, but life skills as well.”

The future entrepreneur plans to pair his management skills with one of his passions: sneakers.

“I just love shoes; shoes and fashion have always been a passion of mine,” Darrian said. “I want to own a sneaker boutique in Chicago. I’m going to. I’m starting everything now, partnering with a friend of mine. Hopefully in the next four to five years we’ll have everything set. We’re starting online, and I’m blogging and promoting through social media, taking photos and making connections in the sneaker world.”

Opening the door for others

When asked what he would tell someone who was considering living at Cornish Commons while studying at CityU, Darrian said:

“If you’re thinking about it and aren’t sure, you should try it out. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try. This building has so much community and you can learn so much from other people. Everyone at CityU is super inviting and welcoming and more than willing to help you. Everyone just wants everyone else to get involved; it’s a great community here and we’re building towards an even better one. I invite everyone to come and experience life in Cornish Commons.”

Published October 4, 2016



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