CityU School of Management Adopts United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education

CityU School of Management Adopts United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education

spreadsheetCity University of Seattle’s School of Management recently adopted the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The voluntary engagement platform was designed specifically for business schools and management academic institutions around the world.

As a signatory school, CityU of Seattle joins the 135 academic institutions that strive to contribute to a stable, global market to ensure prosperous societies. Schools also integrate universal values, such as corporate responsibility and sustainability, into curriculum and research. The PRME are internationally accepted lessons inspired by the United Nations Global Compact.

Says School of Management Dean Kurt Kirstein, “The six categories contained within the UN’s PRME are closely aligned with where CityU’s School of Management currently is focused and where it is headed in the coming years. Our effort to deliver internationalized education that helps our graduates provide sustainable value to their companies and communities is a key part in helping to define our longer-term mission.”

All PRME schools share information on progress to stake holders and publicly report positions and accomplishments. According to the PRME website, “the report database will facilitate an exchange of existing and state-of-the-art experience among the PRME network.”

CityU recently published its first report, which can be read here.

“The fact that we can join with other schools, around the world, who have also committed to the PRME places CityU within a unique group of schools that are willing to infuse responsible and sustainable management practices into all of its processes,” Kirstein says.

For more information on CityU’s School of Management public profile, please visit our PRME page.

Published December 15, 2010



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