CityU Ranks in Top 50 Online Master’s in Information & Technology Management

Best Online Masters in IT Management_Top-Management Degrees 2015

With a nationally-recognized Technology Institute that offers cutting edge degree programs like the Master of Science in Information Security, City University of Seattle is excited to serve professionals who contribute to the growing field of technology. In recognition of CityU’s technology programs, Top Management Degrees recently ranked CityU in its list of the top 50 online master’s degrees in information and technology management.

ClassroomThrough its Technology Institute, CityU offers a Master of Science in Information Security and a Master of Science in Computer Systems. These programs teach students how to integrate and manage technology in a business environment, and prepare them for today’s tech-focused business world. Alumni with these degrees are suited for positions such as business analyst, information systems manager, and information officer.

CityU is proud to be recognized as a leader in the field of information technology management.

Data for this ranking was compiled by Top Management Degrees from the most recent and publicly available sources, including the U.S. News and World Report.



Published March 10, 2015



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