CityU Publishes ‘Strategies for Teaching Leadership’ Textbook

CityU Publishes ‘Strategies for Teaching Leadership’ Textbook

Quality leadership can help slingshot businesses to success, and a lack of leadership can leave organizations floundering. Recognizing this growing field – and increasingly popular educational track for students – City University of Seattle staff and faculty recently published a third book in their Proven Practices for Higher Education series.

Strategies for Teaching Leadership serves as a guidebook for educators and professionals looking to learn more about leadership techniques.

“…there are theoretical underpinnings to leadership and lessons to be learned from styles and application that can make one a better and more effective leader. It is these aspects, and how one goes about transferring those attributes and knowledge in the most efficient and meaningful way to students, on which the chapters in this book focus.”

The book consists of essays written by CityU faculty and doctoral students. It’s broken into four sections:

Steven Olswang, Provost, CityUStrategies for Teaching Leadership grew out of CityU’s second annual Teaching and Learning Conference held on March 29, 2014. The event centered on strategies used to teach effective leadership and allowed our faculty to share best practices across multiple fields. Just as the previous two books in the Proven Practices series showcased CityU’s unique expertise as an online, in-person and nonprofit university, the topic of this third book also highlights CityU’s strengths.

“Leadership is characteristic of CityU,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Steven Olswang. “It cuts across all of our units in our university.” Leadership skills and strategies apply to virtually all professional fields.

“Leadership is influence,” School of Management Dean Kurt Kirstein added. “Everybody has been a leader at some point. Most likely you lead every day without even realizing it.”

Kurt Kirstein, Dean School of ManagementFrom education, to healthcare, to non-profits, leaders carry industries forward. And, as more baby boomers opt for retirement – taking years of institutional knowledge with them – businesses face leadership gaps that are difficult to fill. Employers are feeling the pressure to hire quality candidates who can bring in leadership skills and experience.

CityU’s School of Applied Leadership teaches students how to apply theory and critical analysis to leadership methods. The school offers a Doctor of Education in Leadership, a Master of Arts in Leadership, a Master of Education in Adult Learning, and a Graduate Certificate in Change Leadership.

Since it began three years ago, CityU’s first doctoral program – a Doctor of Education in Leadership – has proved to be a popular choice among educators and school administrators. As part of their program, these students were encouraged to submit essays for this textbook, many of which ended up in the largest section: educational leadership.

This collection of essays outlines CityU’s expertise and allows our faculty, staff and students to more broadly contribute to the growing conversation around leadership. CityU will continue its tradition of the Teaching and Learning Conference and the 2015 event will focus on advances in exemplary instruction.

This book is available on Strategies for Teaching Leadership was edited by Kurt Kirstein, Craig Schieber, Kelly Flores, and Steven Olswang.

Published November 12, 2014



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