CityU Presents at the American Mental Health Counselors Association Conference

CityU Presents at the American Mental Health Counselors Association Conference

AMHCA imageDr. Ellen Carruth, a professor at City University of Seattle, led a research team of Master of Arts in Counseling students as they explored the impacts of state budget cuts on consumers of community mental health in Washington State’s largest county – King County.

Rather than focusing their analysis on the clients, the team concentrated on service providers and clinicians who serve vulnerable populations needing treatment for mental illness and/or substance abuse; and specifically wanted to know how these clinicians’ clients were and continue to be affected by budget cuts. The research included in-depth interviews and focus groups with clinicians in private and public sectors. Some of the most significant data that came out of this research found that throughout the data, participants described the ways in which budget cuts impacted the availability of services. Cutting services primarily impacted the most vulnerable members of our communities; therefore increasing existing disparities in both socioeconomic status and access to critical resources.

This research project – “Finding Their Voice: The Impact of Budget Cuts on Recovery for Consumers of Community Mental Health,” –will be presented at the annual American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) Conference on Saturday, July 12. Dr. Carruth will be accompanied by two of her teammates who are now graduates of CityU, Jaime White and Tristan Benson.

According to Dr. Carruth, “Clinicians who work with community mental health clients are all too familiar with the recent spate of budget cuts in Washington State that have affected service delivery. Our presentation offers a unique angle into the ways that budget cuts have directly impacted clients’ recovery, from the clinician’s perspective. Our research tells the stories of so many and sheds light on how these cuts directly influence the lives of clients, clinicians, and communities around Washington State.”

The team that worked on this project, includes:

CityU would like to congratulate this team and those presenting this weekend. This conference is happening at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, Washington. For more information on this national conference, please visit AMHCA’s website. If you have questions about this research, please email Dr. Carruth.

Published July 9, 2014



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