CityU Offers Degree Programs in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

This month, CityU signed an agreement with Ho Chi Minh (HCMC) University of Education. This 3 + 1 agreement offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Systems (BSCS) at HCMC University of Education and City University of Seattle (CityU), and is uniquely designed for Vietnamese students who wish to earn a U.S. degree. Students in the program study for three years at HCMC University of Education in Ho Chi Minh, and one year in Seattle at CityU’s headquarters and main campus. By completing this program, students get a BSCS from CityU and have the option to stay in the U.S. and complete an Master of Science in Computer Science.

HCMC University of Education was established in 1976 and has approximately 25,000 students. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and has the responsibility to assist schools of education and training in provinces and cities in south Vietnam. HCMC University of Education primarily produces teachers with bachelor and graduate degrees who work at the preschool, elementary, secondary or college level.

CityU Provost, Dr. Steve Olswang, signing the agreement with HCMC University of Education
CityU Provost, Dr. Steve Olswang, signing the agreement with HCMC University of Education

City University of Seattle is a private nonprofit university that was established in 1973. During its 40-year history, CityU has engaged more than 50,000 alumni around the world through its online and onsite degree programs. It is headquartered in Seattle and is part of one of the largest private nonprofit educational systems in the U.S. – The National University System. CityU is comprised of seven schools, two of which are the School of Management and the Technology Institute. The BSCS draws upon courses from both schools. Aside from its flagship campus and headquarters in Seattle, CityU offers a multitude of programs at 33 sites around the world including, Vietnam.

For more information on enrolling in this program, please contact Ms Le Thi Anh Hienm, Director of International Cooperation Office at HCMC University of Education, at 84.8.3839 1080 or at

For more information about CityU’s programs in Vietnam, please go here.

Published July 16, 2013



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