CityU Launches Internship Program

wanted: super intern signThis month, CityU of Seattle is launching a trial internship program. This program is a response to our students want and demand for hand-on experience, and aims to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a career.

From April to June 2012, eight students – undergraduate and graduate – will participate in a 10-week internship program. Four students will participate in internships at CityU’s headquarters in Bellevue, and four will participate in internships outside CityU. The internships at CityU will offer students opportunities to learn more about communications, public relations, human resources, international affairs, student affairs and the general inner workings of a university. All external internships will be done with reputable companies that can offer students experience in the fields they are interested in going into.

In order to become an intern at or for CityU, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or a graduate program and consult their advisor, as these internships are NOT for pay but rather for college credit. Undergraduate students must log 150-hours of seat time within each internship; and graduate students must log 90-hours of seat time per internship. There is also an agreement and other paper work that must be reviewed and signed before an internship is made “official”.

For the initial launch, several students applied. However, only a few were selected due to timing and qualifications. The hope is for this first group to have positive experiences and be able to inform and improve the program overall.

CityU’s goal in connecting students with internal and external internships is simple. CityU wants students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it; and as a result, build a network and grow a healthy career. As always, it goes back to CityU’s mission.  We’re here to change lives for good through education. An internship program is another way CityU believes we can change lives for good and are therefore thrilled to see this launching.

Are you interested in being an intern for a company or for CityU? Contact your adviser and ask them about this program today!

Published April 6, 2012


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