CityU Newsletter September 2015

Shane Decker: Dad,
Boeing Employee, CityU Student

DeckerWe had the pleasure of talking to
Shane Decker, a student in CityU’s Bachelor of Management (BAM) program.
With several years of professional experience under his belt and a
full-time job at home and at Boeing, CityU’s performance-based method
was a great choice for Shane. This option allowed him to continue his
life and improve it. Here is what we heard from Shane about his
experience in this innovative program. Read more here.

CityU Recognized for
Student Mobility Program

University of Seattle was recently invited to participate in a panel
discussion on student mobility with universities from all over the
world. CityU’s President talked about how integral the Student Mobility
Program is to the core of CityU’s mission and vision and stated, “Based
on CityU’s mission, it was natural CityU would create a systematic
process that allows students to change locations seamlessly.” Read more

Dr. Wanda
Billingsly: Influencer, Educator, Doctoral Graduate

BillingslyThe School of
Applied Leadership is honored to announce the graduation of Dr. Wanda
Billingsly. Dr. Billingsly successfully defended her dissertation over
the summer. Her study, Preparing Teachers to Close the Achievement Gap
Through use of Culturally Responsive Practice: Changes in Pedagogical
Practice, examined teachers’ perceptions of the type of culturally
responsive training and professional development provided to them and
whether the training aligned with current research and best curriculum
practices for closing the achievement gap. Read more here.

New Technology
Helps English Learners Ace Pronunciation

Student with LaptopMastering pronunciation can pose a tremendous
challenge for any foreign language learner. Language teachers can teach
pronunciation effectively when all the students in the class are facing
the same pronunciation challenges. But what can teachers do when each
student in their class speaks a different native tongue, therefore
facing unique pronunciation challenges? Learn what our Washington
Academy of Languages has found to be useful.  Read more here.

Ranks in U.S. News & World Report’s Book of Best Colleges

USNewsBestU.S. News &
World Report published their Best
book today and ranked City University of Seattle’s
online degree programs among the top 30 in the United States in its 2016
list of “Best Online Programs.” Read more here.
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Published September 28, 2015



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