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Review by Theresa Gehrig, Librarian

Statista database. Statista GmbH. Hamburg, Germany: Statista GmbH

Statista: Data Tells a Story

Students spend a good part of their days navigating visually engaging websites, social media and videos.
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CityU’s Statista database, statistics are colorful, bold, and contextual.

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Statista’s tables and charts illustrate trends and track dynamic relationships.


Consider the Source! Detailed source citations trace the data to the original source. Visit the Source link to evaluate and find more relevant data.

Is the data source and data collection flimsy or solid?

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Bold, eye catching charts, graphs and facts convey quantitative data related to industries, companies, products, as well as countries, politics and news. Instant Download are ready to insert in papers and presentations – as PPT, XLS, PDF and PNG.



statista screencast example of industry chart and download options

Search by Industries – Industry overviews, subtopics, key companies, trends and also Industry reports (SWOT, key figures, Financials, etc. Plus links to related industries).

Topic pages make a great starting point. Explore statistics & facts, list of recommended statistic on the topic – as well as related market forecasts, dossiers and infographics.

“Countries” drop-down offers an entry by country, region or topics related to that country or region.  Find country dossiers, country industry dossiers and international statistics and facts.

Dossiers or Studies are more in-depth reports on a topic, industry or company. The little books have a table of content with chapters- authored by Statista.

Infographics- visual data – Current news and events and business trends are conveyed visually – including embed code.

Curriculum Connections

Statista’s focus is on business, industry and marketing.

However one finds data relevant to any discipline- economics, politics, countries and culture, society & health, demographics, sports, education, etc.

Searching Statista can uncover fascinating titles – and it is easy to get lost reviewing results, Popular Statistics feature or the Recent Chart of the Day!

Tantalizing Titles:

National Football League: Super Bowl wins by team 2015

Who Drinks the most coffee?

Related Resources

Please note: Resources listed with [Login Required] are available to CityU students, faculty and staff, and may be available to other readers through their local libraries.

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Published February 2, 2016



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