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CityU Library Reviews “MIT Sloan Management Review”

CityU Library Reviews “MIT Sloan Management Review”
Theresa Gehrig, Librarian
Theresa Gehrig reviews MIT Sloan Management Review

Review by Theresa Gehrig, Librarian
CityU Library and Learning Resource Center

You know how Amazon recommends items based on what you have viewed or purchased? Well, if you are a fan of Harvard Business Review articles, you might like articles from another respected business journal: MIT Sloan Management Review
If you tend to search in Business Source Complete database (as I do), you may miss MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR) as this journal lives in an interdisciplinary database:  ProQuest Research Library. Search or browse the full text of this journal in the database: MIT Sloan Management Review. [Login required]

Published quarterly by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SMR disseminates new management research and innovative ideas to help executives, leaders, students and others in businesses or organizations understand and apply new knowledge within turbulent and ever-shifting organizational, technological and societal landscapes.

MIT Sloan Management Review offers a variety of content types:

What are these MIT SMR’s Big Ideas? These are hot management themes, such as: Sustainability, Data & Analytics, and Social Business. Skim each Big Idea page for an overview of the latest: relevant, independently produced editorials, interactive data, blogs, videos, case studies; as well as SMR original articles.

For example, in the Big Idea section, find current themes such as Social Business. This current blog post (September 2014; reading time, 3 minutes) caught my attention: Are companies ready to finally kill email? Within the blog are links to other articles and reports. This post challenges one to consider: “Are social media and collaboration tools truly implemented into the fabric of the company’s communication?”

What should I look for in MIT Sloan Management Review? I recommend you browse MIT Sloan Management Review’s website and see what catches your eye. The website offers categories to browse, scan and delve as you have time. The website banner allows you to select by your interest. Innovation? Operations? Marketing? Seven categories lead to thematic pages of featured articles, special reports, blog posts, etc. Each category is narrowed into more subsections.

Let the MIT SMR website help you decide as you skim the categories, catchy titles, bold images, special reports, blurbs & summaries. Drill down to your areas of interest and the article presentation helps you select.  Each piece offers the full date, author(s) and type of article (research highlight, research feature, blog post, opinion & analysis, interview), more topics or tags, and reading time in minutes. This gives you a sense of the length and scope. For some items (blog or video) you have the entire piece! If you see “Buy or Subscribe,” you know you can get the full text through the CityU Library.

How to access full-text SMR articles: MIT Sloan Management Review,[full text 1988- present]. Boston, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Quarterly). Search ProQuest Research Library database [login required] or locate specific articles using the library’s guide: How to Find an Article from a Citation

Curriculum Connections

There are a variety of disciplines which might benefit from exploring the articles, reports, posts in MIT Sloan Management Review.

School of Management programs: The whole gamut of management topics are covered in this journal. Some issues contain a special thematic report (collection of articles):

There are efforts to integrate sustainability into all areas of management – CSR, the environment, supply chains, metrics. SMR’s Big Ideas: Sustainability allows you to stay abreast of initiatives and dialogue, as well as learn from other companies efforts.  Check out the 2013 annual Sustainability Report.

The T in MIT is a key element – there is plenty here on technology and IT as it affects strategy, business models, big data, outsourcing, innovation, etc. In addition IT is woven into key categories such as marketing, strategy, operations etc. Also critical are social tools and new technologies shaking up life and business: Social technologies, analytics, viral marketing, IT sourcing, etc.

Leadership programs: Interviews of CEOs, leaders and subject experts allows students to learn from leaders and managers in the field. Many of the categories offer insights and awareness for leaders who must stay abreast of all aspects of their organization or industry (Strategy, Innovation, Leading your Team, Technology, and Global). The search feature allows one to target specific topics or people or types of content.

Another relevant leadership feature includes SMR’s interviews, which may be written or video interviews. There are series, such as: MIT Sustainability Interview Series. Catch the conversations by leaders or writers who inspire you or get you thinking. Energize your students with a video interview. Find videos connected to the Big Ideas such as this:  Jim Fisher, Big Idea: Data & Analytics Interview: Play to your workforce’s strengths Most videos are broken into segments and the minutes measured so you can go straight to the section you want.

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Published November 6, 2014