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Review by Theresa Gehrig, Instruction Librarian

What are the characteristics of a successful online student?  A Harris Interactive survey (Statista, 2014) relates that 51% of online learners rate convenience as biggest benefit of online learning. The convenience of working online (any time of the day or night and anywhere in the world) can make it seem as if an online class is easier than an in-person class.

The freedom of not having to show up to class at a certain time, comes with the challenge of time management (which really means self-management).  35% of online learners name self-discipline as the greatest challenge to their success.

I have skimmed DuVivie’s book (2009) and perused many online lists from university websites. From these varied source I find agreement on many themes and concepts.

From my own experience working with online students and being an online student, I’d like to highlight the following concepts.  I have grouped these three themes: Attitude & Communication, Technology, Time management.

Attitude & Communication


Time management

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Published October 21, 2016



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