CityU Library Database Changes: More Full Text and a New CatalogPlus!

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As part of our effort to improve student and faculty access to online resources and to operate more efficiently, you will notice some changes to the Library & Learning Resource Center’s database collection.

These changes primarily impact ProQuest and EBSCO collections, with the majority of added full text discoverable through CatalogPlus.

Our new CatalogPlus is your gateway to the library’s online databases and other materials. We have added an array of new ProQuest databases, only some of which we have listed on our database pages. From any ProQuest database, you can open the full list and select which databases to search (see this screenshot showing where to find the list of PQ databases). This new ProQuest Central package covers 160 subject areas and includes:

Additionally, this change significantly increases our full-text offerings, and many of these new databases are discoverable with single-click access from CatalogPlus. As part of this change, we are removing equivalent EBSCO databases from our collection. In many cases, the ProQuest databases offer the same journal and article coverage you are accustomed to.

New databases that are now listed individually on the library website and discoverable through CatalogPlus

Databases that have been or will be removed in the fall

NOTE for FACULTY: In the event that any of these changes affect required course resources, course managers will be notified directly by their liaison librarian with sufficient time to update article links.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to contact Mary Mara, Director of Library & Learning Resource Center.

Published August 22, 2015



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