CityU Launches FIRST International (On Location) College

CityU Launches FIRST International (On Location) College

CityU Global Students

Today, CityU is launching the International College, uniquely designed around the next generation and anyone who loves to travel and needs to do business around the world. Many people are calling this generation, “first globals”.

Before we launch in, why don’t you take our quiz to see if you are a FIRST GLOBAL? If 3 out of the 5 statements below describe you, you may be a FIRST GLOBAL, and you may want to look into our program!

Are YOU a “First Global”?

The International College is for students who have different backgrounds and nationalities, who share in the desire to travel and see the world; while getting a formal higher education at a regionally accredited university. The International College will be located on CityU’s downtown Seattle campus, and will offer onsite Bachelor degree programs to students looking for hands-on international experience. Throughout students’ four years with the International College they will get the opportunity to study on location at one of CityU’s several international locations. Depending on the route a student takes, the honors or more traditional routes, students will most likely study internationally for 10 to 57 weeks during their four years within the program.

The degrees offered within the International College are:

We are enrolling students now and welcome you to join the first cohort this 2012/2013 school year. You can go here to find out more information, or direct questions to


Published July 13, 2012



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