CityU Launches Doctor of Business Administration Degree

CityU Launches Doctor of Business Administration Degree

CityU’s online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed for professionals to develop advanced skills in organization interventional thinking, agile business practices, leadership, and critical thinking, while specializing in the area of their choice. The first cohort will start October 2015.

The Doctor of Business Administration will prepare students to:

Getting a DBA can help industry professionals set themselves apart and stand out in the business world. Students in the program will build on their master’s-level competencies and earn an advanced degree from a reputable doctoral institution. The DBA is also a route for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching business at the college level.

Dedicated to providing relevant education in a flexible format, coursework and discussion groups are available entirely online, so students can log-on anywhere in the world to complete assignments. DBA students will be supported through Professor Live Chat and a highly interactive teaching model, which includes one hour per week of lecture and live chat. This model enhances personalized attention and instruction given to each student in every course.

Students are also offered flexibility in what they study. While there are core courses students must take, students transfer in four graduate courses and specialize their study through a consulting project where they apply and cultivate their knowledge further.

CityU is now accepting applications for this 91-credit degree program. To learn more, email

Published June 4, 2015



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