CityU graduate is using her degree to make her dreams a reality

CityU graduate is using her degree to make her dreams a reality

“We commit ourselves to inspire hearts, nurture minds, sharpen skills, and make the world a better place with positive social changes.” This quote is the vision for City University of Seattle’s student entrepreneur group, Enactus, and it represents the mission of CityU’s student speaker, Sophia Haccou.

Years ago, back in 2016, Sophia Haccou, an Australian native, was looking for the next step in her educational journey, to further her knowledge and build the Sophia Haccoufoundation needed to create a Centre of Science in Alice Springs, Australia.

“I already have several undergraduate and masters degrees, but my dream was always to create a centre for the next generation of STEM scientists to learn and grow. To start the process of building and starting a new Centre of Science and see my dream become a reality, I needed to ensure that I knew the business side of operations.”

After visiting the United States, Sophia’s decision was finalized, and she moved halfway across the globe to Seattle, WA.

“CityU was able to provide me with the business knowledge necessary to take the first steps in growing the business. Now I will be able to apply the skills I learned here to the Centre when I return home.”

While studying in the MBA program at CityU, Sophia juggled multiple commitments. Not only was she the president of Enactus, but Sophia was also a member of the Project Management Institute, a member of the PMI Puget Sound Chapter, and a mother, all while maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

While thinking about the future, Sophia knows exactly what she wants to do and how she will continue the vision of Enactus, by committing to creating positive social changes.

“Because of my experience in Australia and at CityU, I have accepted a position with a Seattle-based company, whose projects are delivered in distressed rural areas in Oregon. My role as their IT Program Manager is to bring advanced technologies to that area that unlock value in the local people, land, and resources.”

When asked what advice Sophia would give to future #CityUGrad students, she said, “Know that CityU is a place where we can be vulnerable safely in our academic endeavor, and will have the support of CityU faculties, staff, and fellow students.and you continue to achieve your academic goals.”

As Sophia continues her journey, we wish her nothing but the best and look forward to seeing first hand how she is inspiring hearts, nurturing minds, sharpening skills, and making the world a better place.

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Published June 12, 2019



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