Faculty Profile: Jenny Belding

Faculty Profile: Jenny Belding

This spring, CityU launched a Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management (MSISCM). Online courses begin fall quarter and applications are being accepted now.

This program is ideal for students wanting to master leadership skills in project identification, change management, and team building. Its relevant curriculum is taught by professionals in the field and is offered all online. We wanted to catch up with one of the professionals teaching one of these courses so students could find out who they could potentially learn from. Here is what we learned when we spoke with Jenny Belding, a CityU School of Management faculty member.

City University of Seattle (CU): Tell us a little about yourself.

Jenny Belding (JB): My 26 years and journey at Nike has progressed from human resources to my current focus in the Nike Supply Chain/Nike Technology Organization.  I have had the opportunity to experience a vast level of training, teaching, and educating our end-users locally in the U.S. and across the globe to implement our ERP/SAP system implementations in all regions. In the past two years, I have had the privilege of facilitating process improvements as a Lean Coach, supporting our organization, further enhancing my teaching toolkit.  This experience has enhanced my ability and knowledge to teach students at CityU over the past five years in its master’s level technology programs and most recently in its integrated supply chain management program. The contribution and collaboration has grown over time and I look forward to a continued relationship with the school and its students.

CU: How will your work at Nike influence what you teach?

JB: Approximately 15 out of my 26 years at Nike have been focused on the Supply Chain and implementing/sustaining our ERP on a global scale.  This vast experience and knowledge directly correlates to the coursework at CityU. It provides the students with real examples, successes, challenges, and overall insights to supply chain processes regardless of the industry the students work in or will work in at a later time

CU: Who would be an ideal person to go into supply chain management? What would their aptitudes be? 

JB: Individuals who have an aptitude to analyze data, resolve issues, and thoroughly grasp what a supply chain provides and delivers, would find value in the supply chain sector. Those who also prefer to work across the matrix, across teams, and potentially across the globe would thrive in a supply chain environment.

CU: What, within supply chain management, do you find most fascinating and why? 

JB: The collaboration, need to resolve issues and problems, and work across teams has been a tremendous experience and journey.  The ability to also work across the globe, travel to countries to support their go-live initiatives, and see the end results has been fascinating.  The ability and opportunity to fully understand and grasp the supply chain from the development of product through to delivery to the customer has been extremely valuable and insightful over the years.

CU: What is something you have learned in your professional life that you will teach in your courses?  

JB: As opportunities arise, the journey that transpires in these opportunities is extremely valuable for current and future growth and development.  While there are challenges along the journey, they will enhance skills, knowledge, expertise, and the potential for new jobs, careers, and progress in one’s career.

To learn more about this new master’s degree program, please go to CityU’s website or contact a CityU advisor by emailing info@city.edu.

Published June 11, 2014



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