CityU Teaching Faculty Member Applauded for Growing Her Print & Publishing Business

Today, in Burnaby Now our faculty member, Gerda Wever, and her company, The Write Room, were featured. Wever started The Write Room 10 years ago to write and edit manuals, business reports, academic journals and texts. In 2008, she decided to add a publishing component so she could “see a product through with a client from beginning to end.” The Write Room Press publishes up to 15 authors and averaging three to four titles per year.

When Wever is not running a successful print and publishing company, she teaches courses and seminars on academic and professional writing and editing at CityU of Seattle.

This is a great example of how so many of our teaching faculty members are working in the “real-world” by day, and teaching by night.

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Published September 2, 2011



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