Christine Moloney Secures Coveted Scholarship & Becomes Director of Instructional Leadership

Christine Moloney Secures Coveted Scholarship & Becomes Director of Instructional Leadership

CityU doctoral candidate, Christine Moloney was selected for the annual Dr. Doyle E. Winter Scholarship for Administrative Leadership in Education. The scholarship was awarded by Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) and Seattle‐Northwest Securities Corporation (SNW). SNW Senior Vice President Trevor Carlson, SNW Vice President Annette Sommer, and WASA President Joel Aune (who also serves as Snoqualmie Valley School District’s Superintendent), presented Christine with the award at this summer’s WASA conference.

According to the committee who selected Christine, she is “committed to providing opportunity for students and staff to excel, removing barriers that hinder individuals from reaching their fullest potential. As a leader, Christine understands the importance of community and partnerships in addition to student technology advancement and growing academic standards. As a future superintendent, Christine will continue in her advocacy pursuits for public education as well as discover and implement effective and relevant tools and programs for today’s teachers and students.”

When talking to Christine about this scholarship, here is what she had to say:

City University of Seattle (CU): How did you find out about this scholarship and what did the application process look like?

Christine Moloney (CM): I am very thankful to Bob Martin, my City University advisor, who emailed me the information regarding this scholarship. The application consisted of demographic and educational background questions and requested an updated resume or vita, which I submitted. The application also asked several short essay questions regarding my leadership background, what I saw in the future of education, and what role I expected to play in that future.

CU: As a doctoral student, what are some of your professional and personal goals and how do you think this scholarship will help you achieve those goals?

CM: My professional and personal goal is to earn a Doctor of Education in Leadership with a concentration in Educational Leadership (P-12). For me, educational leadership is a calling, not a title or position. It is my passion to help students and staffs become the best they can be and to create a better world where students and staffs strengths are recognized and utilized for the greater good. By using my leadership skills in a superintendent position I will also be able to have a positive effect on the families and community in which I am serving.

My professional goal is to become an effective superintendent leader. I should note I earned my superintendent certificate from City University of Seattle in 2008 in the Executive Leadership Academy. The knowledge and skills I am learning in the doctoral program will help me obtain my life’s dream so I can help others obtain their life’s dreams.

This grant has helped me pay for tuition, books, and supplies in support of my doctorate. It has helped validate all of my hard work so far in the doctoral program. I am very appreciative and honored that WASA and the Seattle-Northwest Securities Corporation selected me as the 2012 recipient of this award.

*             *             *

CityU is thrilled for Christine and her success! Soon after this brief interview, Christine was offered the Director of Instructional Leadership position for the Puyallup School District and she accepted. As the Director of Instructional Leadership she is now part of the Superintendent’s District Leadership Team and is assigned to Region #1 with a Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to provide guidance to the principals. Christine also will assist the CAO regarding elementary principals and assistant principals for the entire district. She is in charge of literacy P-12 for the entire district, the library program, kindergarten, and curriculum adoptions, to name a few of her new duties.

In a note to the Director of The Albright School of Education, Dr. Margaret Chow, and the Senior Director of Advising, Bob Martin, Christine said, “Thank you for all of your support through this doctoral program. I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life. I wanted to share because I believe that part of the reason I was offered this position was because of my enrollment in the doctoral program and the recent WASA scholarship I was awarded. Thank you Dr. Chow for willing to be a reference for me and thank you to you, Bob, for sending the scholarship information my way…Thank you again!

Keep up your tremendous leadership Christine, oh the places you’ll go!

Christine Moloney receiving the 12th Annual Dr. Doyle Winter Scholarship
Christine Moloney receiving the 12th Annual Dr. Doyle Winter Scholarship

Published August 20, 2012



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