CityU Celebrates 40th Year

CityU Celebrates 40th Year

CityU is officially 40 years old.

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of CityU.  The actual birthday for the university is July 13, but we will be celebrating our 40th year is throughout the year.

Turning 40 means many things to many persons, but one thing it undeniably does is declares CityU of Seattle as an institution that has successfully offered lifelong learning, and access to education, and more to students for four decades.  It means CityU has touched literally hundreds or thousands of lives and bestowed over 50,000 degree and certificates.  It also means CityU has stayed true to its mission of being a place where anyone with a desire to learn can be offered a highly relevant education and as a result their life will hopefully be changed. What does “40” mean to you? How have we changed your life? We want to hear your story!

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Published February 7, 2013



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