CityU Canada Offers Clear Path Toward Career Advancement Through Graduate Programs

Arden Henley, Principal of Canadian Programs at CityU of Seattle
Arden Henley, Principal of Canadian Programs at CityU of Seattle

Do you live in British Columbia (BC) or Alberta (AB)? Are you looking for the right graduate program that will help you advance your career education or counselling? You should consider CityU.

CityU tailors its graduate programs in Canada and around the world – to meet the scheduling needs of its students who must balance work, family and life obligations; while being able to pursue their long-term career goals. While many programs might have more on-campus amenities, CityU’s graduate programs are second to none when it comes to the educations and hands-on training of professionals. Because instructors are also active practitioners every course is also a networking opportunity.

CityU graduate programs in BC and Alberta have an organic connection to the professional communities in these two provinces. Faculty members have strong relationships with the mental health agencies and school districts  and  internship sites also offer good networking opportunities. These ties better enable candidates to achieve their long-term career goals as educators or clinical counsellors.

The Albright School of Education

CityU’s Albright School of Education offers two concentrations in its Master of Education in Leadership (M.Ed.) program in Vancouver and Victoria. They are as follows:

M.Ed. in Leadership

The Leadership concentration will prepare you for career advancement as a school leader and administrator.

The program is especially designed by leaders in education for people who are already working as educators, and is geared toward helping educators to acquire critical skills and knowledge they need to become leaders in the field

The program helps candidates develop leadership skills in key areas such as supervision; mentoring; building and managing teams; and conflict resolution.

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M.Ed. in Leadership and School Counselling

The Leadership and School Counselling concentration prepares candidates to become a school counsellor or leader within education in the public or private school system in British Columbia. This program focuses on developing knowledge about child development, and how to counsel children and adolescents in educational environments.

Real-world, hand-on experience is this program’s primary strength. The program takes place within the various school districts of Vancouver and Vancouver Island, where the CityU instructors are leaders in various districts.

“Since all of our instructors are leaders and practitioners in education, they really know what they are talking about when they discuss an issue in class,” said Arden Henley, CityU’s Principle of Canadian Programs.

“Our students can speak about problems in education with someone who actually works on them everyday in the real world,” Henley added.

With small class sizes that range from 10 to 15 students, the program’s pedagogical approach emphasizes strong instructor-to-student, and student-to-student interactivity.

“We do a lot of group exercises in the classroom, and tap into the expertise in the room since everyone is already an educator,” Henley explained.

However, the educationally rich program at CityU goes beyond offering just the insights of its own instructors. Students capitalize on the wisdom of outside experts, too!

According to Henley, “We bring in a lot of guest lecturers who are experts in certain areas of education. For example, we will invite someone who has experience implementing a diversity program. It makes for a rich learning experience.”

Beyond its academic resources, the CityU program works to help students be successful.

“We have a high retention rate because we provide a nurturing environment. For example, we offer extra support for writing by bringing in a professional copy writer to help students with their papers,” Henley said.

The CityU cohort system offers students a peer-to-peer learning community. Moreover, because the program and its internships are centered in specific school districts, students are being introduced to a professional community and receiving an opportunity to practice their skills in the real world.

“The instructors that students meet in class have connections to the school districts. This means that CityU’s students have numerous networking opportunities just by virtue of being in the program,” Henley pointed out, suggesting it offers phenomenal assets for career advancement.

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The Division of Arts and Sciences

The second graduate degree program offered by CityU in Canada is the Division of Arts and Sciences Master of Counselling degree.  This program is offered on four CityU Canadian campuses in the following cities: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

The Counselling program has three delivery modes in order to make it accessible to a range of student demographics. The delivery modes include the Saturday program in which students attend classes on Saturday only; the Inclusive Delivery (mixed mode) option combining online learning with quarterly four day experientially focused, face-to-face intensives; the Full Time program offered on week days and completed at an accelerated pace.

Counselling students are encouraged to enroll in a in the province in which they hope to practice.  The CityU programs in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta are tailored differently in order to meet the unique credentialing and registration requirements of each province.

For example, the BC program is a great fit for students who hope to eventually register as a counselor or therapist with the British Colombia Association of Clinical Counselors (BCACC). On the other hand, the AB program is suitable for students wishing to pursue a career as a Registered Psychologist in Alberta.

In both programs, however, the pedagogical approach has the same emphasis on professional training.

“The CityU Master of Counselling program prepares candidates to become practitioners; we do not prepare students to become academics or researchers. We feel we do the best job of any educational institution in British Columbia and Alberta in preparing graduates for the real-world experience of professional practice” Henley said.

To prepare people for the “real world,” this CityU program offers an excellent internship program with counselling clinics throughout BC and AB. As a part of their program, students accrue a minimum of 250-hours of supervised clinical training, which means they will be well trained and experienced before graduation. And, they will be on their way to meeting the  requirements for registration as a clinical counsellor in BC and as a psychologist in Alberta. counselors.

Interested in learning more about this CityU’s Counselling program in Canada? Go here if you want to study in BC, go here if you want to study in AB.

As always, we welcome your phone call, so please give us a call if you want to study with CityU Canada – 1.888.422.4898

Published April 20, 2012



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