CityU and Puyallup School District partner to educate new principals


City University of Seattle and the Puyallup School District are joining together in a unique way to train the next generation of school principals.

Through this partnership, teachers in the south Puget Sound region will be able to earn their Washington State Principal Residency Certificate.

This partnership is important because it will help school districts meet a need that is on the horizon.

“There will be a shortage of teachers and administrators because existing ones are retiring and school districts need to be prepared,” said Marge Chow, an academic program director in CityU’s Albright School of Education. “It’s an investment to prepare for what is coming. [Schools should] identify leader capacity early on and help develop them so they can function successfully.”

While the partnership is between Puyallup School District and CityU, other districts within the region are invited to participate. To be eligible, teachers must be recognized as existing leaders within their schools and be recommended for the program by their principals.

Completion of the program will take two years, with the first year focused on learning about research and best practices through coursework and the second year focused on application of that knowledge through an internship. Participants will complete their internships at the schools where they currently teach.

“Classes will be taught by distinguished practitioners who are high-level officials in the Puyallup School District, including the superintendent, assistant superintendent and a cabinet-level director,” Chow said. “They will also serve as field advisors when students do their internships.”

As practitioner faculty, the instructors will be able to help students learn from current resources and real-world information.

“The advantage for teachers is that they will have security in knowing that their districts are investing in training them, so hopefully they’ll be viable candidates for future openings,” Chow said.

More information

To learn more about this new program, contact CityU by email or at 888-422-4898, or Glen Malone at the Puyallup School District by email or at 253-840-8864.

CityU also offers an online and mixed-mode Master of Education in Educational Leadership: Administrator Certification to all educators who are interested in becoming principals or program administrators.

Published March 29, 2017



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