Altius Education, a provider of online higher education, is expanding the success of its Ivy Bridge College model with one of Puget Sound’s leading private, not-for-profit universities, City University of Seattle. Ivy Bridge College, a joint venture with Tiffin University, offers students affordable and flexible online associate degrees with seamless admittance to four-year programs. Through this new partnership, called CityBridge, students apply once, and upon completion of a two-year degree at Ivy Bridge, transfer to pursue their bachelor degrees at CityU of Seattle.
“These new partnerships with private and not-for-profit schools continue to build on the foundation of Ivy Bridge’s culture – partnering with all types of students to help them succeed,” explains Paul Freedman, founder and CEO of Altius Education. “We’ve found that more and more learners are seeking a two-year bridge to obtain a traditional bachelor’s degree, while four-year institutions are looking for well-prepared junior transfer students.”

The CityU partnership was created to offer students a streamlined pathway to a bachelor’s degree, with unparalleled mentoring and support. From day one, students are assigned a success coach; a single point of contact who serves as an invaluable resource from application to graduation. This high level of support ensures success in and out of the classroom to combat the challenges traditionally associated with degree completion.

“Altius Education is helping us reach students who may not be quite ready to start a four-year program and gives them the tools they need to begin their educational journey,” says Lee Gorsuch, CityU president. “This new partnership will better prepare learners to complete a four-year degree with us. We look forward to welcoming Ivy Bridge graduates.”

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About Altius Education
Altius Education, Inc., partners with traditional universities to create an ecosystem that improves and personalizes the delivery of education. Driven by this unique strategy, Altius identifies structural gaps in higher education and helps its partners deliver innovative online academic programs. Its first two online programs include joint ventures with Tiffin University – Ivy Bridge College, offering online associates degree programs with direct access to more than 65 accredited four-year institutions, and Mt Lyon Institute, providing a bachelor and master degree program focused on elder care. For more information, visit

Published November 4, 2010



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