BELLEVUE, WA. – CityU of Seattle, a not-for-profit university, announced today it will move its headquarters from Bellevue to the Sixth and Wall building in Seattle, Washington. Through this move, CityU aims to continue the revitalization of one of the region’s most dynamic communities – South Lake Union – by providing an opportunity for continuous learning downtown. The first floor of the new location features predominantly student and community-facing amenities including classrooms, state of the art teaching facilities and resource centers to support students and the neighborhood. The second floor accommodates administrative offices and academic support staff. Combined, CityU will occupy approximately 88,000 square feet of this iconic Seattle building.

“City University of Seattle will help enhance innovation and improve Seattle’s quality of life – two key elements of a city that can compete in the global economy,” said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

Since 1973 CityU has been committed to providing a relevant, flexible and accessible education for students managing their education alongside work, while managing life’s many curveballs. CityU’s new urban learning campus will provide students and the community with the ability to attend classes in contemporary, interactive and innovative learning spaces, during or after their work day. The South Lake Union neighborhood offers the perfect urban learning environment that modern student life requires such as internship opportunities at innovative landmark companies and a myriad of affordable transportation, entertainment and living options within a 1-mile radius.

“While online education continues to develop at CityU, the need for a physical campus to meet and exchange ideas, activate discussions and learn face-to-face will never go away. The challenges are: how does one make a school or a higher education facility relevant today and tomorrow? And how do you complement the independence of online education with the need for the human connection? By moving our headquarters to South Lake Union and creating this urban learning campus, we’re able to offer students a live-learning environment that is rich with opportunity, increased access, and new ways of learning. To commemorate the announcement of our new campus in Seattle, we are offering City of Seattle employees, Seattle School teachers and students, and downtown Seattle businesses 20% off CityU tuition.” said Lee Gorsuch, President of CityU of Seattle.

According to Dave Sabey, owner of 6th and Wall and long time Seattle developer, “Life-long learning is a core value of Sabey Corporation; education is central to our region’s future. We are delighted to play a part in enhancing continuous education in Seattle’s downtown through this fine institution.” While CityU is moving its headquarters to Seattle, it remains committed to the east side and will keep a select number of classrooms in Bellevue.

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About Sabey Corporation 
Sabey Corporation, headquartered in Seattle WA, is a privately held company that serves the technology industries, particularly in the development of data centers, education, and medical and clinical research facilities. Sabey’s approximately 4 million square feet house government, institutions of higher education and Fortune 500 companies in the Northwest with additional properties under development in New York and Washington, D.C.

Published January 25, 2012



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