Bellevue, WA – July 13, 2012 – Today, City University of Seattle is launching an International College within the university. The college will be located at CityU’s downtown campus at 521 Wall Street in Seattle, Washington. It will only offer onsite Bachelor Degree programs and will invite students to attend one of CityU’s international locations during their four years of study. The development of the International College is a response to the growing need for a global higher education experience; and is ideal for those who desire a hands-on, on location, international experience. The International College is enrolling students now and will start classes in the 2012/2013 school year.

The goal of the College is to foster independent thinkers who are actively engaged in their education, globally aware, and prepared to lead successful professional and personal lives. To achieve this, the courses will be taught by professionals who will integrate international perspectives into their course curricula. Throughout the program, students will study with a cohort and a faculty that draw on different parts of the world and the United States. An honors program will be offered within the college with students completing a series of requirements listed on the International College’s website. The diversity of the cohort and the study abroad module, energize and differentiate the International College from anything else in the area.

The degrees offered within the International College are a Bachelor of Arts in Management; a Bachelor of Science in Accounting; a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems.

According to Melissa Mecham, Vice President of Admissions & Student Services, states “While most traditional universities have a four-year degree program, and several have honors programs, no university or college in Seattle has an ‘International College’ that is entirely focused on students obtaining international knowledge while learning about their chosen area of study. We are thrilled to offer this kind of education and global perspective to students at the undergraduate level, and greatly look forward to welcoming the first cohort this fall.”

To find out more about the International College, visit:

Published July 13, 2012



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