City University of Seattle Forms Educational Partnership with The Banking Academy of Vietnam

City University of Seattle Forms Educational Partnership  with The Banking Academy of Vietnam

CityU Offers U.S. Accredited Degree in Vietnam

In an ongoing effort to expand educational access around the world, City University of Seattle signed an agreement with The Banking Academy of Vietnam (BAV), based in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The agreement enables BAV to offer CityU’s U.S. accredited Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) at their campus in Hanoi. This program will be among the first U.S. accredited degree program to be offered in Vietnam.

Established in 1961 BAV has significant experience educating students in banking, business and finance. It has over 20,000 students enrolled in degree programs that are offered at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. One of BAV’s missions is to present students with international opportunities. This mission aligns directly with CityU’s values and shaped much of the collaboration between BAV and CityU.

The courses offered by CityU will be delivered onsite and will be taught fully in English. To complete the program, students will participate in a capstone project, which will serve as a final assessment of students’ knowledge of business administration.  Students will have the option to complete their final quarter of study with CityU in the Seattle as part of the university’s student mobility program.

This unique program began this fall. To initiate the launch of the program, CityU University of Seattle’s President Lee Gorsuch attended an opening ceremony on October 16th at BAV in Hanoi and welcomed the first 30 students and their families to BAV’s first offering of CityU’s BSBA program.

According to President Gorsuch, “CityU is delighted to offer its U.S. accredited degree program in Vietnam and thanked CityU’s Board Chair, Hiep Q. Quach, himself Vietnamese American, and Denny Dang, CityU’s in-country representative, in initiating this partnership and helping CityU live out its commitment to international education. We look forward to growing this partnership and expanding opportunities for BAV students.”

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Published November 8, 2012



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