Chancellor’s Communications – September 2017

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I am proud that the National University System is dedicated to delivering an exceptional student experience to every learner, focused on student success, and ensuring programs and degrees are market-relevant and aligned with workforce needs. As the population of adult learners continues to grow alongside technological advancement, the demand for new education models and high-choice academic pathways also grow.

We have a wonderfully diverse faculty, staff and student population across our System of nonprofit universities and K-12 schools. To better meet the needs of our students, we continuously seek ways to change the modality of the way education is delivered to adapt to the needs of adult learners of all backgrounds. Thus, we are committed to offering quality, affordable, flexible programs that best serve the growing adult learner population.

At National University, which is the flagship institution of the National University System, President Andrews is leading an initiative called Precision Education. This innovative strategy creates a more tailored student experience based on individual proficiencies and areas of improvement. The more we learn about our students, the better we can guide them toward accomplishing their specific academic goals.  The Precision Institute at National University allows the University to collaborate with other thought leaders and institutions in this space. I encourage you to learn more about Precision Education through the blog and lecture series online.

The System is dedicated to offering market-relevant degrees that enable graduates to lead effective change in their communities. A key component to this is the education and work-preparedness partnerships that we develop within our communities.  At John F. Kennedy University, faculty and staff from the sport psychology program partner with the Solt Evans LEAP Project to help local youth succeed in school, sports and life through mental skill building. Through this project, JFKU is giving back to the community and students are coming away with experience and skills that can be applied after graduation.  While National University is the preferred education partner of the San Diego Padres and the City of San Diego, City University of Seattle has developed education partnerships with organizations such as Alaska Airlines, Boeing and UBER. These education-focused collaborations expand educational and professional development opportunities to students and the local workforce, and help us fulfill our mission to give back to the communities we serve.

Our System is a network of nonprofit universities and pre-college programs that include a virtual high school and charter schools.  And as the education landscape continues to change, we are committed to developing innovative and effective solutions to better understand the specific needs of students so we can provide world class resources and toward achieving their education, career and life goals.

Published September 7, 2017



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