Celebrating the Launch of the Washington Educators Innovation Network

Celebrating the Launch of the Washington Educators Innovation Network

City University of Seattle’s Albright School of Education has launched the Washington Educators Innovation Network (WEIN). The mission of this group is to develop relevant and responsive education through elevating and amplifying the work of local Washington educators.

Through working with local institutions, CityU is supporting efforts to transform the education system to better meet the needs of students and educators. CityU’s WEIN program provides support by working to develop professional learning opportunities through events that present the work of local education. CityU’s goal is to champion the change and educational advancement that is taking place in schools through the work of the practitioners in those schools.

The following presentations by noted local educators will be available in the coming weeks:

All events can be found on City University of Seattle’s Eventbrite page.

If you would like to present or participate with your school in future WEIN events, please contact the Dean of the Albright School of Education, Dr. Craig Schieber.

Published April 22, 2014



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