Celebrating our very own Dr. Pressley Rankin!

Dr. Pressley R Rankin IV

by Kelly Flores, Dean, School of Applied Leadership

I wanted to use this opportunity to celebrate Dr. Pressley Rankin, and the work that he does as Doctoral Student Administrator.

In this role, Dr. Rankin has many duties.  His number one priority is helping the doctoral students.  He sends out regular emails offering tips about writing, research, and staying organized when students work and go to school.  He also regularly checks in with students to see how they are doing throughout the quarter.  He makes sure that when there are issues, he is ready to help.

Dr. Rankin also offers regular webinars on subjects which help graduate students be more productive.  During these events, he works with students directly to solve problems or answer questions that might come up in their classes.

In addition to student support, Dr. Rankin also runs the new student success orientation classes for the doctoral program.  This required course helps students learn the online environment and the School of Applied Leadership culture at CityU.  It allows Dr. Rankin to engage with our newest students from the very beginning, so he can help the students establish goals and help them plan their academic career.

Dr. Rankin’s goal is to ensure that from start to finish the students in our doctoral program feel supported. Here’s a note from one of our new doctoral students, Heather Applegarth, who experienced this support:

Heather Applegarth
Heather Applegarth

Hi Dr. Flores,

 I wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know that I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Rankin. I asked him to help me do a mock interview for one of the jobs I applied for. I sent him the job description, my cover letter, and my resume. 

 We talked for the better part of an hour. We did the “interview” and then he reviewed each of my responses with me. The feedback was invaluable. He drew on his extensive experience as a hiring manager and gave me excellent advice and pointers for this process. He offered to help me through each job that I apply for.

 This is the second time that I have asked him for help and he responds immediately with thoughtful advice. I leave every conversation that I have with him feeling like he genuinely cares for my progress and well being. I wanted you to know that Dr. Rankin went above and beyond for me today.


Heather Applegarth

I have gotten similar notes from many students in the doctoral program. Dr. Rankin has been instrumental in helping us set up a database for all students in the School of Applied Leadership, which helps us track student needs, concerns, and other information to ensure that we support them every step of the way. Kudos to Dr. Rankin for all of the excellent work that he does!!

Published January 26, 2015



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