Student Profile: Michael Berry, MBA

Student Profile: Michael Berry, MBA

Michael Berry graduated from City University of Seattle in 1986 with an MBA, and went on to become the President and CEO of American Health Value in 2000. We had the chance to catch up with Michael and learn more about his experience in the MBA program.

City University of Seattle (CU): You graduated with your MBA from CityU. What was your emphasis and what was your experience like with CityU?

Michael Berry (MB): My program was general in nature, covering a wide spectrum of subjects.  I was working full time and attended night classes.  The work was very challenging, yet so very rewarding as I progressed through the program.  I enjoyed the student interaction and our instructors were very good.

CU: What would you say is the most important lesson you took away from the CityU MBA program?

MB: Preparation is everything. If you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead, your probability of success increases exponentially. Everyone has a dream of being successful. In order to achieve it, you must build the foundation for that to occur. In an ever increasing business world with it’s new dynamic and demands that foundation must be a strong education. The effort you put forth in embracing and understanding that challenge will allow you to take the next step.  That next step is applying what you’ve learned in real life situations so you can grow with your ability combined with experience to tackle  critical decision making opportunities.

CU: What motivated you to pursue your leadership post?

MB: I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to take the reins of a small start up company, believing in its mission and social impact, and navigate its growth and expansion from coast to coast.

CU: What were some of the biggest obstacles you encountered on your journey to your current position? 

MB: Our biggest obstacles were many;  introducing a new concept in the industry, convincing others that it would be not only a viable product, but one that eventually would exceed all expectations of acceptance by so many looking for practical health care alternatives.

CU: Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for CityU students interested in the CityU MBA program?

MB: I would tell any prospective student to take that first step. Build that educational foundation for the future. It truly does hold the opportunity you’re seeking. It will broaden your horizons, teach you how to approach problem solving, allow you to examine the norm with a different perspective and who knows….Perhaps you’ll discover that which you ultimately seek.


A special thanks to Michael for giving us some insight into the hard work and persistence that led to his success after graduating from City University. If you’d like to learn more about Michael or American Health Value, take a look at the organizations website.


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Published November 20, 2013



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