Student Profile: Joyce Lathrop, MBA

Student Profile: Joyce Lathrop, MBA

Recently, we caught up with one of our graduates, Joyce Lathrop, who received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from CityU of Seattle. Joyce is the newly elected Treasurer for Flow Science, Inc., a privately-held software company specializing in transient, free-surface CFD modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide.

Prior to joining Flow Science, Joyce owned and operated Accounting Concepts, which provided accounting services for numerous small businesses in and around Santa Fe. Before that, Joyce was the controller for a development company, Rancho Viejo de Santa Fe, Inc., from 2000 to 2005.

When our alumni manager, Alex Webster connected with her, here is what Joyce had to say:

CityU (CU): Congrats on your new role with Flow Science!  You’re a past MBA grad from CityU. What was your experience like with CityU?

Joyce Lathrop (JL): My undergrad had been in Accounting and that was my area of interest.  I enjoyed CityU particularly because all of the students were working full time and brought a lot of interesting stories and experiences into the class. The instructors were also people with a lot of real world experiences, which made for a richer classroom environment.

(CU): It’s been a few years since you graduated from CityU, tell us a little bit about your career path since then.

(JL): I worked as an accountant while I was attending CityU, then moved into the production and inventory control world, and worked as a Material Manager for a couple of high tech companies.  After a layoff, I took that opportunity to try something different. I got a job doing software training on the Microsoft Office Suite, which was a great experience as it really taught me Excel, Word and Access. I moved back into accounting after moving to Santa Fe and ended up with a really good software company that sells a scientific product to customers all over the world.

(CU): How have you applied what you’ve learned in the CityU MBA program in your current and/or past positions?

(JL): I probably would not have been hired into my current position without the MBA. It has worked well for me over the years and I am very glad that I got that degree when I did.  I have applied much of what I learned, probably from the finance courses most of all.

(CU): Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for CityU students interested in the CityU MBA program?

(JL): You will be glad you got a degree, either a BS or an MBA, and I encourage you to finish. As my mother used to say about a degree, “They can never take it away from you.”  There are a lot of choices for a graduate degree, but having gone to a large four-year university and then to CityU for my Master’s, there is a big difference.  I appreciated the instructors having real world experiences as opposed to professors that have not done anything other than teach.

Thank you for your time Joyce and congratulations on your success!

If you’re interested in CityU’s MBA program or perhaps a Bachelor’s in Accounting, look at our business programs online, call (1.888.422.4898) or email us today.

Published June 29, 2012



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