DECEMBER 7, 2012

Student Profile: Sarita Whitmire-Skeith

Sarita Whitmire-Skeith

Recently, we caught up with Albright School of Education alumna, Sarita Whitmire-Skeith, Principal for K-12 Alternative Programs and Director of Personnel for Sultan School District #311.

City University of Seattle (CU):  Why did you become an educator and when did you know education was the field for you?

Sarita Whitmire-Skeith (SWK):  I’ve always enjoyed teaching and learning. As a little girl I played “school” with my friends. I was fortunate enough to have amazing educators in my life that were influential and believed in me. In high school, I was a tutor for students with learning disabilities and enjoyed seeing the positive results of working one-on-one with people. I was also voted “teacher’s pet” my senior year of high school. In college, I was given opportunities to work in schools and conduct research that was eye opening to the endless possibilities to help make our schools great for all students.

CU: In the classroom vs. administration. What motivated you to pursue your leadership post?

SWK:  I naturally lean into leadership roles. In high school, I was a class officer and co-captain of the volleyball team. In college, I was involved in student government and president of the student training athletic association for our college and our region. I’m a doer and love to work along-side of others to produce a positive outcome.

CU: As an Educational Leader, what are some of the greatest challenges you face in moving your school forward?

SWK: The latest challenge for moving alternative schools forward is the ever changing laws of Alternative Learning Environments (ALE). It’s like hitting a moving target, then add the new teacher evaluation process to ALE, it’s going to be very challenging.

CU: Which program did you pursue at CityU and what was your experience like?

SWK:I pursued a certificate in administration/program administration. The experience was great. I enjoyed being taught by people who are in the field and it wasn’t a lot of theory, but reality. I felt prepared taking on my new adventures in education.

CU: Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for educators out there who would like to move into a leadership role and/or switch to a more administrative role within their district?

SWK:Pursue your dreams! Don’t be afraid to be a leader; it’s not as lonely as some people think. And remember, we are in education for the kids.

Thank you for your time Sarita and congratulations on your success!