CityU’s Catalyst Center Receives First Donation

CityU’s Catalyst Center Receives First Donation

City University of Sea3f47ed1ttle’s program director or entrepreneurship courses, Kathy Cox, received the first check to CityU’s Catalyst Center from a supporter and student project client, PhotoPad for business.

A student team in the MBA525 global marketing course is developing a marketing plan for their client.  Student project leader, Jahnabi Chetia, said, “Working on a project for a start-up firm is very challenging and very rewarding! Helping a start-up business and dealing with the client who is new to business is one of the biggest challenges. However, at the end, it is an extremely rewarding experience for me to be able to learn the challenges that a start-up firm goes through.”

The purpose of the CityU Catalyst Center is to connect City University of Seattle’s faculty, staff and students with the start-up community.

Students can receive real-life work experience, entrepreneurs can get advice and help on projects that need to be completed and both are learning in the process. “I am thrilled to see the students so engaged in the project and learning the importance of a marketing strategic pl
an supported by research,” said Cox.

Entrepreneurs will be offered a CityU Catalyst Center membership, which provides an affordable service to accelerate the growth of their business. The key element of services are included in student projects. A volunteer business mentor will be assigned to liaise with members and students. Members pay an annual supporter fee of $500 and pay $300 for master’s level projects and $250 for bachelors level projects. CityU library services are also available to the members.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Cox.

Published November 23, 2015



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