How CityU Changed One Alum’s Life

Carolina Tovar
Carolina Tovar

We had the pleasure of catching up with Carolina Tovar, a graduate of UPAEP and CityU’s double degree program. She studied business and is now applying her knowledge at a four star hotel in Dubai. When reflecting on why she came to CityU, what her experience was like, and what she got out of it, she wrote the following:

When I first heard about the double degree program offered by City University of Seattle at my university in Mexico, UPAEP, I thought it sounded awesome and began to think about how long the process would take me. After doing some research with friends and getting a push from my parents to do it, I decided to attend. I knew this was the opportunity I had waited for and knew that it would make a difference in my life by opening more doors. Now, after graduating from CityU and UPAEP, I can easily say this double degree program surpassed my expectations and definitely changed my life.

After one year of taking classes online, alongside my UPAEP courses, I got the chance to go to Seattle with the first and second cohorts.  It was a great experience! While my cohort and I were in Seattle, we had face-to-face classes and explored the city. I met great people that will be friends for life and learned how small the world is, and how awesome the opportunities are within it. After 10 amazing days in Seattle I traveled to Barcelona to do professional training in a hotel there. This experience gave me a lot confidence and helped me understand the importance of having a double degree.

In my second year I had to delicately balance my courses with CityU and UPAEP. This proved to be quite challenging. It took a lot of hard work and time management, but I did it. I came to school early and stayed late, and everything I did was worth it! Especially, when I consider the opportunity I had to travel to one of the best cities in the world – Seattle.

At commencement, I couldn’t believe how the time flew. I received a degree from UPAEP and a bachelor’s degree from CityU. This

Carolina Tovar at CityU Graduation
Carolina Tovar at CityU Graduation

double degree was much more than the papers I received. It represents experience, hard work, cultural exposure and much more! This experience and double degree opened a huge door for me. Now I am working in Dubai in a 5 star hotel, where I can put in practice everything that I learned. It feels great to be following the path I created for myself and can definitely count myself as one who can say, CityU changed my life.

As I reflect, there are several moments that stick out to me as life changing. Especially when I realize the future I had dreamt of long ago, is here and now.

In closing, I would like to thank Antonio Esqueda Flores and Meche for always being next to me, and for opening my mind to the possibility of studying with CityU at UPAEP.  To that end, I also want to thank UPAEP for arranging this great opportunity! And last but not least, I also want to say thank you to my family, who has always supported my decisions and has been my biggest cheerleaders.

City University of Seattle, you will remain in my heart and my mind forever. Thank you!


A big thank you to Carolina for sharing this with us. We wish her all the best in the near and distant future!

Published May 13, 2013



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