Can I Get into an MBA Program if I Didn’t Take the GMAT?


If you’re planning on going back to school to get your MBA, first off – good for you! It’s a smart and exciting step to take at any point in a career, whether you’re looking to make a shift in your focus or accelerate up the ladder in your current industry.

Getting Started

Going back to school as an adult, while a lot more accessible than some may think, can be challenging when you’re already juggling a career, family obligations, and so much more. The school application process can be confusing and a bit of a hassle, especially when you haven’t gone through it in years, or even decades. Add to that the alphabet soup of tests some schools require and it’s enough to discourage many prospective students from pursuing their academic dreams.

One such test is the GMAT, an exam some schools require to apply to their MBA program. But do you need to take the GMAT to get into an MBA program, and if your school doesn’t require it, will your future degree be respected by employers?

The answer: no, and yes, respectively! Not all schools require a GMAT, and many such schools – CityU included – offer accredited MBA programs recognized nationwide for their depth and breadth of programming without the necessity of taking the GMAT.

An MBA Program That Stands Tall

The CityU MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, which designates it as a program of excellence. It’s also consistently ranked a top producer of MBAs in Washington State, and in 2014 was ranked among the top programs in the country by more than 70,000 students surveyed. So, it’s safe to say that an employer seeing the words “MBA from CityU” on an application won’t think twice about the skills that potential candidate will bring to the program.

Students in our MBA program have the option to customize their coursework so it’s tailored to your specialization area, including:

Our flexible learning options – including in-person, online and mixed mode courses with a choice for intensive weekend programs – mean no matter what your schedule, your educational and career goals are attainable.

Stepping Toward Your Future

It’s never too late to begin down the path towards an MBA. The only thing stopping you from jumping ahead is you – so don’t waste any more of your valuable time.

Are you ready to sharpen your business acumen, elevate your communication skills, and learn how to implement strategies on a broad range of business theories to advance your career? Look no further than an MBA from CityU, and don’t sweat preparing for the GMAT. Dive right into the curriculum and find insights you’ll be able to use the next day in your professional role!

Published May 16, 2016



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