Building your Professional Social Media Profile while a Post Graduate Student

Building your Professional Social Media Profile while a Post Graduate Student

By Greg Price  – School of Applied Leadership

You’re in a post-graduate program – congratulations! Learning is what is ahead of you and you’ve always heard that in a post graduate program, you get out what you put in. So, let’s put something more in you!

Completing Assignments

For post-graduate students, building content is what you will be doing.  Oh sure, they are disguised as writing papers and creating slide presentations. Completing these assignments is more than, well, completing an assignment.  It is content and serves as the starting point for you to develop your online presence.  Focus on your strategy, research that what interests you, and become an expert in your field.

Why do my classes have Journal assignments?

What a great opportunity for you to create regular content for your Blog!  Oh sure, the journal assignment asks you to write about what you have learned in the module, observations about others, challenges at work, etc.  Consider this Blog Content! Don’t waste your time writing as the means to an end, transforming yourself in the process!

What to do with that Content

Content in bowl

You’ve got content – now what?  The first place to start is to build yourself a Blog, create a professional Facebook account, Twitter account, YouTube Account, etc. Be careful to not extend yourself with so many professional social media channels that they take all your time just to keep up.  But do have a strategy for which you can build upon.

YouTube Account

What I have found to be the most challenging social media profile for students to build, but can prove to be the most influential and useful, is a YouTube account. The reason for building a YouTube account is to gain valuable experience creating multiple pathways for your projects.  By incorporating this strategy into your post graduate work, you will learn to build high quality slideshow presentations that have impact. Incorporate visuals into your slideshow, learn to be brief in your text copy on the slide, and present the material as a voice over. Doing this and doing it correctly takes your learning to new heights.

Because there are so many different hardware devices that are use, the variety of operating software, and the different software used for slideshows, it may be no wonder why this social media platform is the most challenging for students.  The best strategy is to google ‘how to….’ questions that include your device platform, operating system, and slideshow software.  You will find articles and also YouTube videos on setting up your own platform.

Here are just a couple of links of articles I have found to get you started.

Why Bullet Points are bad for Presentations

Turn your Presentation into a Video

Create an Account on YouTube


Published June 23, 2016



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