Build Your Career with a Doctor of Information Technology

Build Your Career with a Doctor of Information Technology

CityU Student Spotlight: Jemell Garris

Meet Jemell Garris! Jemell is a current CityU student working on his doctoral degree in Information Technology. Jemell discusses why he chose to pursue his doctoral degree with CityU and what interested him about the DIT program. He discusses the different pathways offered through the program’s Depth of Study options. Jemell also discusses some of the professors who are helping him in his classes.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jemell and the DIT program.


Hi, my name is Jemell. I’m with the DIT program here at CityU. DIT is Doctor of Information Technology. What I really enjoy about the Doctor of Information Technology program is not only that it’s an innovative program, they have specialized fields. Right now, I’m going to be on Cybersecurity within the Doctor of Information Technology.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with really good teachers and professors, Marvin being one and Eric being another, who really take time and are really passionate about their students and what it is we’re learning. Marvin Gold has a passion for teaching IT and with a focus on ensuring that the software development lifecycle and security related to that, that we learn it and understand it. He took his time to be there with each of us during our breakout sessions and provided any information in or around class. He was a very helpful instructor.

I’m currently in the Doctor of Information program or DIT here at CityU. That course – that program – takes the student and gives them some core classes and then gives the student the options to choose up to three depths of study. You can take Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or Data Science. And then there’s a fourth option that allows you to customize different classes from either of those depths of studies. So, if you’re interested in taking some courses from Cybersecurity and Data Science or to include machine learning or computer science, you can do that and then use that to build your career and your pathway forward.

*Transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published July 20, 2022



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