MARCH 7, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Use Languages in Everyday Life

Top 5 Ways to Use Languages in Everyday Life

Adam McGarityby Adam McGarity, Program Manager

As world language students, we probably agree: studying language is important.

But to learn a language well, you have to do more than just attend class. The fact is, you need to use the language every day, and in different ways.

And so, here we offer a few ideas and resources:

  1. Change the language of your cell phone, internet browser, and video games.
  2. Socialize with native speakers and other language learners at Meetup groups.
  3. Get service from a bank, gym, or coffee shop where someone speaks your language.
  4. Listen to some online radio during your commute
  5. Watch international shows and movies with Yabla, Viki, or Sling

And here’s a bonus for the weekend:

Take a tour of Seattle with a Russian, French, or Spanish tour guide.

If you haven’t done these “extras” yet, you’re in for a treat.  Once you start fitting them into your schedule, the impact of your language classes will grow exponentially.



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