Student at a computer Continue Reading

Innovation is fueling technological growth and change at a rapid speed, however many information systems and security processes have not kept pace. Identifying, solving and proactively combating issues is what one cybersecurity student finds exciting.

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Balancing responsibilities, managing time and meeting competing deadlines are challenges that students often face, and many wonder can it be done? Master of Business Administration student Mohammed Shamia is proof that it can.

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The Summer in Seattle program lasts for three and a half weeks and gives students the opportunity to take three face-to-face courses for their degree programs, as well as tour premier companies in the Pacific Northwest.

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At City University of Seattle, we are all about the finish, and nothing represents that better than the graduation ceremony when students walk across that finish line and receive their diploma jackets.

Chancellor Cunningham with his daughter Tressa Cunningham, who earned a master’s degree at NU. Continue Reading

In June, the National University System (NUS) recognized more than 3,000 graduates who crossed the stage at three separate commencement ceremonies.