AUGUST 16, 2013

Need a car2go? Read About Our New Partnership!

Need a car2go? Read About Our New Partnership!

car2go in Seattle

To increase the mobility of its students, staff, and faculty, City University of Seattle has partnered with car2go! As the world’s first free-floating car sharing service, car2go provides a new way of car sharing that is perfect for the urban dweller and the 21st century student who wants to get around town but doesn’t want to use their own car or doesn’t own a car.

As part of this partnership, car2go will offer CityU free membership (a $35 value) and give the first 30 minutes free.

How to sign up

If you are a CityU student, faculty or staff member go here to sign up and use the promotional code – CITYU0030. This will waive your initial $35 membership fee and give you 30 minutes of free driving! You will receive your membership card within 3-5 days of registering.

How it works

Once you’ve signed up, you simply find the nearest available car2go and drive away. You can find available cars by:

To get in and drive this stylish vehicle, you must place your member card in front of the card reader on the windshield, and your trip will begin. To find out more about how this works, you can go here.

International students can use this

If you’re an international student you can register and become a member just like everyone else. However, car2go will need to review your international driver’s license and a copy of your 3-year personal driving record before you drive, so please allow them time to do this. They will process your paperwork and will notify you once you are approved to drive.

If you are already a member in another city, please call car2go’s Seattle office at 206-420-4684 or email them at

More about car2go

car2go started in 2008 in Germany. Now, it’s in 16 European and North American cities – including Seattle. Around 120,000 customers enjoy their service today and we hope you become one of them! To find out more about this company and the cars that are to go, please go here.

To find out more info, please contact CityU’s development.



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