JUNE 10, 2015

Leadership Breakfast: Nonprofit Leadership

Leadership Breakfast: Nonprofit Leadership

Join us Wednesday, Aug. 19 from 7:30-9:30 a.m. at City University of Seattle’s downtown campus for rich discussions on Nonprofit Leadership: Creating Community. Optimizing engagement. Ensuring growth.

Many nonprofit leaders can feel isolated and disconnected from other leaders doing similar work. CityU’s School of Applied Leadership is hosting a Leadership Breakfast in an effort to cultivate community among nonprofit leaders, optimize engagement in discussions on the challenges of nonprofits, and ensure leaders have opportunities for connection, growth and continual development. Through debate and deep exploration, dynamic speakers with diverse backgrounds will explore strategies surrounding nonprofit leadership.

Roundtable Discussions:

Jenni Butz, Ministry Leader, Writer


Description: Leaders of a nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the manpower and creativity of volunteers. While this is great for the bottom line, it can also create challenges in communication.


Communicating clearly and respectfully with staff and volunteers is crucial to the success of a team, especially when the motivation is a worthy cause and not just a paycheck. This discussion will focus on elements of communication that can minimize misunderstandings and encourage individuals to speak truthfully with respect and confidence.


Living in a healthy balance of intentional recovery and stress so that we can lead effectively will also be discussed. We will examine internal motivations; identify expressions and questions that facilitate open conversation; learn to solve problems respectfully using the Circle of Solution model; and discuss how to speak with conviction and a balanced perspective instead of reacting to others and circumstances.




Bio: Jenni Butz imparts writing, reading, and grammatical wisdom with Jenni Butzenthusiasm and clarity. Her training in education and years of communicating with nonprofit organizations allows her to share principles that enable teams to be respectful, intentional, and unambiguous.


Jenni has worked in public and private education and as a ministry leader. She has spoken to groups throughout the United States and in Europe, helping organizations conduct meaningful conversations. A lifelong learner and a professed grammar enthusiast, Jenni is passionate about helping people to speak honestly, clearly, and effectively in all professional and personal relationships. Her most recent book is Word Sparks: Meditations from God’s Word. It is available on Amazon.com.

Melanie DePaoli, Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Omicle LLC


Description: The enigma of social media—it’s a part of your marketing strategy, but how do you use it? With all of the hype that surrounds social media, it can be overwhelming to see how it can work for you. We will reveal how using social media as a tool can help build your community.


In this session we will also discuss how to build loyalty with your customers. Focusing branding efforts on key factors allows you to save money on marketing strategies and increase your desirability in the market.




Melanie DePaoli

Bio: Mixing brand development, strategy, and implementation, Mel DePaoli works with her clients to clearly communicate their brand’s personality to deliver an outstanding customer experience. As Brand Catalyst of Omicle LLC, she is a sought-after speaker and an international author of three books on culture-driven brands. For more on Mel DePaoli, please visit www.omicle.com or follow her on Twitter @MelDePaoli.

Barbara Krauss & Carolyn Isaacs, Y5 Ventures


Description: As nonprofit organizations play increasingly important roles in our society, it becomes even more critical for them to perform effectively.  By integrating innovative ideas and proven practices, high-performing organizations can be built, rather than just strong programs.


Nonprofit leaders need to take on the task of assessing their own clarity and communicating this to staff, volunteers, board members, and donors. The sooner we begin to collaborate on the task of building community, the better off nonprofits – and society as a whole – will be.




Bio: Carolyn Isaacs joined Y5 Ventures in 2014 and focuses on day-to-day operations and international expansion efforts across industry verticals. A “conscious capitalist” and transformist at heart, Carolyn thrives at the intersection of great entrepreneurs and big markets. Carolyn co-leads Y5’s large-scale engagements and is responsible for moving the firm’s clients rapidly into revenue.


Before joining Y5 Ventures, Carolyn was a certified trainer and consultant with Ann Marie Houghtailing, providing business development training and coaching to individuals and organizations across the nation and worldwide. Prior to this, Carolyn spent 20 years as a top producing sales consultant, where she sourced and implemented sales strategies for professional service firms.


Carolyn launched and served as president of an Express Network of the American Business Women’s Association and was awarded for building a strong community of 50+ members within a six-month period.


In addition to working with the world’s best entrepreneurs, Carolyn is passionate about empowering women through leadership, education and networking support. Carolyn earned her B.A. in psychology from Utah State University.


Bio: Barbara Krauss is the Founder and CEO of Y5 Ventures, a leading change management consulting company whose primary focus is working & living from WHY. As a Certified Creativity Coach/Practitioner and Strategic Engineer, Barbara pivoted Y5 Ventures in 2011 to change the paradigm of leadership management and team cohesion through utilizing an innovative method to uncover the deepest levels of company vision, which she calls the Ultimate Yes!™


Prior to Y5 Ventures, Barbara spent more than 20 years engineering internal and external development of strategic alliances and collaborations. She has been associated with Nordstrom, Microsoft, Accenture, The Boeing Company, Deloitte Touche, Jones Soda, Honeywell and Physio-Control.


Barbara co-authored Crazy Impact with growth experts, Rick Justus, and Tom Ziglar, son of Zig. Barbara earned her BA in Fine Art and Psychology with a specialization in American Sign Language.

Kim Stokely, Educator, Co-founder, Leading From Within


Description: We will read and respond to the poem “The Seven of Pentacles,” through which we will explore considerations for how we weave thriving community.


After exploring the poem as a group, we will take a few minutes to reflect individually on where in our work we are weaving community in a life-giving, engaging way; and how we feel we are challenged by weaving community. We will then share what we choose to share from our reflections with the rest of the group. We will close with participants sharing what they learned from the session.




Kim StokelyBio: Kim Stokely has spent 20 years as a nonprofit leader coaching emerging nonprofits and community groups as they’ve formed, developed, and taken action.


As founder and longtime Executive Director of Adopt-A-Watershed, Kim experienced the challenges of being a nonprofit leader for more than two decades. She co-founded Leading From Within (www.leading-from-within.org and the Courage to Lead program for nonprofit leaders (www.couragetoleadnp.org) to nurture other nonprofit leaders in their professional and personal lives so that they can bring the gifts of leadership to whole-hearted service for others and the world.


Kim is an experienced educator and has been facilitating workshops and retreats for educational leaders for 25 years.   Kim was prepared as a facilitator by the Center for Courage and Renewal.  She is also a certified life and executive coach. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and holds a teaching credential from California State University, Chico.

Lynette Hoy, Owner, Firetalker PR


Description: Online media kits are a critical component of the Press Room on your website and can make or break your ability to serve the media and to get the donor’s attention as well. Even if you are just starting out, there must be a tab on your website for a Press Room and a contact for information if it is still being built. The layout of an effective online media kit should provide various options for entry and delivery and provide everything needed to ensure the media has what they need to provoke action – to get them to write about your non-profit or call for an interview. The caveat is that it must also serve your end-user, the donor. How to create it so it is friendly to both worlds is easier than you think. In this roundtable you will receive a valuable overview to capture the following:



Lynette HoyBio: Lynette Hoy brings 25 years of experience including the four years she has owned her own public relations firm now located in Seattle: Firetalker PR. She has worked with Fortune 100 ad agencies including Zuckerman Fernandes & Partners out of San Francisco to companies in the private sector including University Games. She has served on several boards including the nonprofit Butters Canyon Conservancy in Oakland, California and the American Cancer Society. Currently she is PR and Media Director on the board of advisors for Zakayla Productions Foundation in Shorline, Washingtion. Ms. Hoy has secured thousands of media placements including all the major networks throughout the country, online and off as well as print including Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The NonProfit Times and many more.

Nick Anderson, Officer at Pacific Continental Bank’s Nonprofit Services Group


Description: Disengaged and disorganized boards are disruptive to your organization. Finding good board members is hard to do, especially when you aren’t looking – or don’t know what to look for.  Then, when you have the right people at the table, keeping the board engaged in the mission of your organization and committed to their role becomes a marathon-like challenge. What are the most effective boards doing that your organization is not?  What can you do today to improve efficacy in board meetings and in between board meetings?  We will examine some of the critical skills your board chair must possess and discuss the importance of engaging with the Executive Committee first. Then we will share best practices around defining roles of board members and committees.



  1. Discover strategies for Executive Committee engagement.
  2. Define the roles of board members and their committees.
  3. Identify your next board chair.


Nick-AndersonBio: Nick Anderson is an Officer within Pacific Continental Bank’s Nonprofit Services Group. Previously, Nick was the Managing Director of Treasury Management and Payment Solutions for a West coast regional bank.  A 2008 graduate of PCBS, he has been named one of the banking industry’s ‘Rising Stars’ by the Independent Community Bankers Association. Throughout his professional career, Nick has held progressively challenging roles in retail banking, training & development, and commercial banking.  Beginning in 2013, he strategically focused on serving the unique banking needs of nonprofit companies and community organizations by leveraging 19 years’ experience in banking, over a decade of board service, and his experience as faculty of Seattle Works’ Bridge board training program. Nick is a trusted advisor delivering important consultative financial solutions to nonprofit leaders. He is active in the Puget Sound community as a board member and advisor to non-profit and public organizations including roles as Board Chair for Wonderland Developmental Center and the FASCE Advisory Committee to the Shoreline School District, Treasurer of the Shoreline Rotary Club, Member of the Finance Committee for Seattle Works, Trustee of the PSADA Foundation and Board Treasurer for the Center for Human Services.


Attendees will be invited to respond to thought-provoking questions geared toward an individual examination of beliefs. Each speaker is highly trained and will graciously share their insights to help you excel in nonprofit leadership, propelling you to the next level of personal and professional achievement.

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